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Hi, every one, i wanna install win innwa unicode in ubuntu and want to know

1.=>every myanmar font system that have been developed in ubuntu platform.

2=>also i want to know about font, unicode,language and etc for general knowledge

plz feel free to  suggest me
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1) Padauk Font pack is include in system.
2) you can use ubuntu-mm repository
3) download and click to install


sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:kokoye2007/ppa
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ttf-myanmar-fonts-myanmar3
sudo apt-get install ttf-myanmar-fonts-myanmarcensus
sudo apt-get install ttf-myanmar-fonts-pyidaungsu

OR all in one

sudo apt-get install ttf-myanmar-fonts-unicode
# Pyidaungsu, Myanmar3, MyanmarCensus

also check in
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for question one is perfect but what is differ between other language system
for english, you can chose British or U.S.A or bla bla and every font is ok! (Time New Roman , Arial ...etc ). i have little knowledge about it, what i know is System and style )
style is time new romance or bla bla bla. system is British or U.S.A or bla bla but i am confuse until now , i didn't understand clearly, Thank you
https://github.com/naingyeminn/mm-kb at make a your like Myanmar font for system system ;)

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