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Recycled leather making machine description:

Recycled leather making machine produce whole piece leather from corner scraps of leather, is fourdrinier machine type, include beat leather machine, defoathering machine, feeding machine, cutter grinder, cutting edge machine, hydrapulper etc pulping equipment. The recycled leather is stronger, light, heat and corrosion resistant, could be made to insole, advocate heel and cover head of leather shoes, also can make to car seat instead of natural leather.

Technical Parameter

Output paper: recycled leather;

Net leather width: 1575mm;

Working speed: 8鈥?0m/min;

Rail space: 2400mm;

Drive way: Alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive.

Main Equipment


Beat leather machine322kw

Defoathering machine555kw

Feeding machine33kw

Cutter grinder12kw

Cutting edge machine10.5kw


Qinyang City Zhenghua Paper Machinery CO., Ltd is located in Qinyang City, Henan province, China.

Our company strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2008 System, and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard, our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries.We provide high quality paper machines, paper processing machine, and spare parts for paper machines, our company has perfect pre-sale and after-sale service, our experienced engineer teams will give customer perfect service, include technology consultation, civil work design, project evaluation; guide paper machine installation; training workers for customer.Special Paper Making Machine manufacturers

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