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1.Plastic Pallets' Description
Name:Anti-slip hdpe plastic pallet
Material:High Density Polythylene(HDPE)
Weight(kg):18.00kgs(no steel pipe)
25.00kgs(8 thick steel pipes)
Capacity:Static load:6000kg
Dynamic load:1500kg
Shelf load:1000kg
Color:Blue,red,yellow,green or as your requirement
Logo:As your requirement
Usage temperature:Within- 30潞C ~ +70潞C,no breakage/crack/deformation
Basis on Typical Property of Material PE
Basis on users' proper handling
Need to be counselled by supplier for specific condition of use.
Deck type:Grid decks
Strength:Add 8 pieces steel pipe
Production process:Injection Molding
High strength and rigidty,Chemical resistance;
Cleanliness with no harmful effects(FDA approved Food grade)
Application industry:Food industry, chemical industry, construction industry and so on.
2.Typical Property of plastic pallet
PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Melt Flow Rate(230潞C/2.16kg)8g/10minISO1133
Tensile Modulus(50mm/min)1.200MpaISO527-2
Tensile Strain at Yield(50mm/min)18%ISO527-2
Tensile Modulus(1mm/min)27MpaISO527-2
Heat Deflection Temperature(0.45N/mm虏)77潞CISO75-2
Charpy Impact Strength,notched(+23潞C)7kj/m2ISO179/1eA
Charpy Impact Strength,notched(-20潞C)6kj/m2ISO179/1eA
Hardness Rockwell63ISO868
3.What material we use?
High-density polyethylene has good heat resistance and cold resistance,good chemical stability,high rigidity and toughness,and good mechanical strength. Dielectric proterties and environmental stress crack resistance are also good.
Hardness,tensile strength and creep are better than low density polyethylene; good wear resistance,electrical insulation,toughness and cold resistance; good chemical stability,insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature,acid resistant,corrosion of alkali and various salts;the film has low permeability to water vapor and air and low water absorption.
4.Details of plastic pallets
1).Four-way entry offers convenient all side entrance,4-way by a fork truck.
2).Anti-slip mats on surface can effectively help keeping pallets from sliding off forks and each other during transit,
and is stackable for efficient storage;
3).Steel pipes in top and bottom decks increase the strength and the load capacity or the pallet;
4).The legs and fork entry which are easily damaged by impact are thickened and reinforced.
5.Advantages of plastic pallet
1).The appearance is neat,easy to clean and easy to disinfect;
2).No nails and no thorns,no damage to the goods due to accidents during the packaging process;
3).Anti-freeze,anti-fall,acid and alkali resistance,corrosion resistance,can be used in a variety of special occasions;
4).Non-toxic and tasteless,which is conducive to the improvement of the warehouse environment,
and will not cause any pollution to the goods,especially the food;
5).Free fumigation,reduce the procedures for exporting goods,and speed up capital turnover;
6).No combustion,no static sparks,have a role in warehouse fire prevention;
7).Damaged plastic pallets can be recycled and processed as raw materials for other articles;
8).Long service life,and can be recycled and reused,if used correctly,its life can reach more than 5 years;
9).Four sides can be inserted,easy to operate;
10).It is suitable for stacking in the warehouse and suitable for use on various shelves;
11).It is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation of materials;
12).It is convenient for handling tools such as forklifts and hydraulic pallet trucks;
13).Cooperate with non-slip rubber to ensure that the material will not slip during handling and transportation;
14).The plastic tray is safe,hygienic,insect-proof and tamper-proof,and does not need to be repaired;
15).Easy to print the logo for customer to recognize and advertise.
6.New material VS standard material
                           100% virgin material                                    Common material
                                     Bright color                                         Dark color
Good tougness and long service life, Easy to fragile and damaged when use.
Usually 3-5 years.    For a long time,usually 2-3 years.
            Tough and durable after impact.                           Easy to break after impact.
7.What colors we can do?
The common color we produce is blue,so we have bule pallets in stock usually.
If you want your pallets different,no problem,we can customise as your requirement.
Just send us the Pantong Number,we can make it for you.
8.The commom size we produce
ItemTypeCommon size(mm)
1Double faced,grid decks1100*1100*150;1200*1000*150;1300*1100*150;
2Double-sided blow molding1100*1100*150;1200*1000*150;1400*1200*150;
3Single faces,grid decks1000*1000*150;1100*1100*150;1200*1000*150;
43 runners,grid decks1100*1100*150;1200*1000*150;1400*1200*150;
53 runners,solid decks1200*1000*150;1200*800*150;1200*1200*150;
69 feet,solid decks1200*800*150;1200*1000*150
79 feet,grid decks1200*800*150;1100*1100*150;1200*1000*150
We can also customize other sizes as your requirement.
9.Why choose us?
1).Our factory has advanced production equipment to ensure the product quality and production timeliness
while saving production costs.
2).The factory has sufficient stock and we cooperate with professional shipping companies to ensure that
the products will be shipped within 48 hours.
3).We have a dedicated sample production and quality testing workshop to ensure that you receive the sample in time.
4).Our technical team with over 10 persons can provide professional after-sales service.
Plastic pallets are widely used in various industries.Such as Supermarket,Chemical Industry,Warehouse storage, Food Industry and so on.
Due to its high quality and high performance,plastic pallets will be used in more industries.Customized Injection Product

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