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ubuntu 18.04.3 ကို dell laptop cpu-i3မှာ

တင်ထားတာ laptop ရဲ့ fan က အရင်ထက်ပိုလည်နေလို့ပါခင်ဗျ

How can i solve it to default speed? Please help.

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1 Answer

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Download .zip file (or git clone) to disable BIOS fan control for Dell laptops.

Then, as root:

cd Downloads

unzip -t dell-bios-fan-control-master.zip (test zipfile; everything looked fine, so unzip files...)

unzip dell-bios-fan-control-master.zip

cd dell-bios-fan-control-master/

more Makefile (look what it's going to do; looks fine, so compile with...)


Compiled fine, so:

./dell-bios-fan-control 0 (turn off dell bios fan control)


Fan was still idling around 2500rpm. Hmmm.. recalled post indicating uninstall then reinstall i8kutils with the same /etc/i8kutils.conf config file.

Uninstalled and reinstalled i8kutils with:

apt-get remove i8kutils

apt-get install i8kutils

Fan immediately stopped upon reinstalling i8kutils.

Looks like it's working. Fan turns on properly when cpu temp hits 55C then turns off quickly because fan came on at the high setting.

Will continue to monitor temperature and fan states with 'sensors' to ensure all is working as configured in /etc/i8kutils.conf.
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It works well.