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How to type Myanmar Pali in Ubuntu?

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We are a monastery in Mingaldon , Yangon and recently switched to Elementary OS. (ubuntu 16.04 deriv).

I do not know how to let them type traditional Myanmar Pali with two layers of letters per line.  If you are Myanmar, then you know what I am speaking about.

So how to do this.?

I installed zawgyi2008 and 2009.  and that works for single layer

Sadhu for quick response.

Ashin Subhuti (usa)
asked May 29 in Beginner by Varanasi (120 points)

1 Answer

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I Recommend on Unicode - 
Pyidaungsu or Myanmar3 like that any Myanmar Unicode Font.

Zawgyi 2008 is no more rendering 
Zawgyi 2009 is auto rendering for Pint Yit Swel Htoe  

can see in single layer, but other side at must be confuse.

answered May 29 by kokoye2007 (3,690 points)

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